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211 5.9 Designs with a Bent Tuning Stub 213 5.10 Compact CP Designs with an Inset Microstrip-Line Feed 215 6 Compact ... 10, 162 Annular-ring patch, 177 ... IEEE ANTENNAS AND WIRELESS PROPAGATION LETTERS, VOL. 10 ... Annular-Ring Patch Antenna for GPS Application Xiaoye Sun, Zhijun Zhang, ... tional radiation. A slot-coupled square patch antenna with an ... high frequency,is presented.In allthese designs,a perturbation method is used to achieve circular polarization, and the relative axial-ratio (AR) bandwidth is normally around 1% or less. Broadband CPW-Fed Circularly-Polarized Slot Antenna With ... Broadband CPW-Fed Circularly-Polarized Slot Antenna With an Open Slot Jen-Yea Jan, Chien-Yuan Pan, Kuo-Yung Chiu,and Hua-Ming Chen Abstract—A novel broadband CPW-fed circularly-polarized slot an-tenna with an open slot is presented. The broadband circular polarization ... The novel broadband CPW-fed CP slot antenna has been demon-

A dual-band CP antenna using single layer patch has been reported in [4], [5]. In [4], an antenna consists of a circular patch and a narrow annular ring is designed. This antenna achieves its CP operation by an equal cross slot embedded on the circular patch. The design of antenna in [5] consists of a small circular patch surrounded by two

DUAL-BAND BEAM SCANNING REFLECTARRAYS AND NOVEL WIDEBAND ... AND NOVEL WIDEBAND AND POLARIZATION DIVERSIFIED PLANAR ANTENNAS ... Configurations of the CPW-fed dual-annular-ring slot antennas ... CP radiation patterns of the ... Design of ultra wideband trapezoidal shape slot antenna ... Design of ultra wideband trapezoidal shape slot antenna with ... slot antenna designs for CP have appeared ... circularly polarized annular-ring slot antenna.

Single-layer dual-broadband circularly polarised annular ...

a circularly polarized annular-ring patch antenna embedded in a particular EBG structure and with an unequal cross-slot in the ground plane is studied and presented. This recently proposed annular-ring antenna structure has been shown to be significantly smaller than conventional annular-ring patch antennas, even on standard groundplanes [10]. A single-feed tri-band circularly polarized dual-annular ... In this paper, a single-feed tri-band slot antenna for CP operation using two annular slots fed by an inverted h-shape microstrip line is demonstrated. The frequency ratio of the antenna can be controlled by adjusting the dimensions of two annular slots. In addition, the conical radiation pattern is achieved at the third band.

In this paper, we present a new design of annular-ring slot antenna for WLAN/WiMAX applications. The radiating element of the proposed antenna is composed of two annular-ring slots. The antenna has a compact size of 40mm×40mm, which can be integrated easily with other RF front-end circuits.

2016 APCAP (The 2016 IEEE 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation) Venue: Grand Hi-Lai HotelKaohsiung, Taiwan Date: 26-29 Jul, 2016. Series-Fed Microstrip Array Antenna with Circular ... Selecting the appropriate spacing between each array element allows the proposed array antenna to generate CP radiation with a low axial ratio. Experimental results ... DESIGN OF CPW-FED DUAL-BAND CIRCULARLY- POLARIZED ANNULAR ... Abstract|A new CPW-fed dual-band circularly-polarized(CP) annular slot antenna with two perturbation strips is proposed. The structure of the annular slot, along with two concentric annular-ring patches, can achieve dual-band input impedance matching. And circular polarization at the operation bands can be achieved by using A single-feed tri-band circularly polarized dual-annular ... A novel single-feed tri-band circularly polarized (CP) dual-annular slot antenna is presented. The antenna structure is composed of two nonconcentric annular slots fed by a novel inverted h-shaped microstrip line configuration. Compared to most of the previously reported tri-band CP antenna structures, the proposed antenna has low profile ...

In this paper, a novel concentric annular-ring slot dual-band CP microstrip antenna that operates at ISM band (2.45 GHz) and 5G band (3.5 GHz) is proposed and investigated. The antenna is a kind of single-layer slot antenna. There are two concentric ring slots of different size on the ground to generate dual-band radiation.

Single-layer dual-broadband circularly polarised annular ... An annular-slot antenna loaded with a lightning-shaped slot for achieving good CP radiation in the WLAN 2.4 GHz band is initially studied. To cover the WLAN 5.2 GHz band as well, the inner circular patch of the aforementioned design is modified as an inner ring patch loaded with a notch and a narrow U-shaped strip.

Design of Stacked Microstrip Dual-band Circular Polarized ... concentric annular rings. However, both designs ... annular ring. In this paper, a CP antenna is ...